Cakes for any
occasion, your design,
our design, any  
available cake flavour
and filling
We charge for the cake
you order but not for
our passion and care in
making them! That
comes free as a
courtesy for giving us
your valued order!
Trust us to make whats
right for you.

Weddings, birthday,
sports events.

We deliver and rates
are listed in prices

We can work with your
party theme if you have
one in making your
delicious cakes as the
highlight of the party
Cake suppliers of Austin and surrounding areas

Your imagination becomes true
welcome to the place where your cake dreams become real!

Phone 512 462 4554                                                   FAX : 512 462 3476
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is because the web site is still under construction and   we apologise
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We are working on this and try our best to make it a simple and easy to
navigate web site